About us

Here at Ranger Mike's we love dinosaurs!

Our friendly baby dinosaurs and their handlers are available for all your events and functions, from birthdays to team building days, weddings to fun days.

Bring the past to life and give your guests something different, fun and memorable. Each baby dino has its own character and personality.

Ellie the baby triceratops is an adorable little girl who is friendly and cute, and she knows it! She has the handlers wrapped round her little foot.

Rascal the raptor definitely lives up to his name. He loves causing mischief whether that's with his handler or the new friends he meets out and about. He's gentle and loves a fuss but he can be very cheeky.

Benji the Brontasaurus is our youngest baby. He's still got alot of training to do but is starting to get there. Benji is a bit dopey but hopefully his brain will catch up with him eventually. We love him all the same.

We will tailor our packages to your needs to make sure you have the best possible experience.